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Austria Thomastik Rondo (RO100) Violin Strings Set


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Introducing the Thomastik Violin String RONDO Set of 4 Types! This set includes four different strings - RO01, RO02, RO03A, and RO04 - providing a versatile range of options for violin players. With a medium tension, these strings deliver a balanced and rich tone that is ideal for both classical and contemporary styles of music.

The Thomastik Violin String RONDO Set is designed to enhance the performance of your violin. Each string is carefully crafted to ensure excellent response and projection, allowing you to express your musicality with precision and clarity.

These violin strings are lightweight, weighing only 0.774 ounces, and have dimensions of 0.51 x 4.13 x 4.13 inches. They are made in Austria, renowned for its tradition of producing high-quality musical instruments and accessories.

They are available in a beautiful set, with each string carefully calibrated to provide optimum tension and tonal balance.

The Thomastik Violin String RONDO Set is a must-have for any violinist looking to elevate their playing experience. Whether you are a professional musician or a passionate beginner, these strings will enhance your musical journey.


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