USA Finissima artist Violin Mute

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USA Finissima artist Violin Mute
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This mute is the result of a unique design that transforms the violin sound into a smooth muting effect without diminishing or eliminating many of the important overtones that are often lost with mutes that”pinch” the bridge.

The special configurationof this mute applies pressure only to the top of the bridge., thus letting the bridge “breathe” at the same time producing a subdued tone-color that is still able to be projected and heard in a hall.

The total mass of the mute is very low which allows it to vibrate freely without exerting undue stress either in the strings or the bridge.

The bottom of the mute is hollowed out, thereby further lowering the total mass and at the same time creating a resonance cavity that further enhances its acoustic properties.

The mute may stay permanently on the strings, resting on the string windings back towards (but not touching) the tailpiece, ready for instant and noiseless use. When needed, a light movement in the rear concave thumb emplacement rapidly places it in the muting position onto and over the bridge.

This quick and quiet operation is perfectly suited to the orchestra violinist as well as the soloist.

The simple and elegant design of the mute adds to the general aesthetic refinement inherent in the classic violin form.

It normally would be placed between the A and D strings, but if an A string tuner is used, it can be placed between the D and G strings

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One  Finissima  Artist  Violin Mute.

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