Thomastik Prazision (102) Cello Strings Set

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Thomastik Prazision (102) Cello Strings Set
Part Number: 102
Thomastik Infeld Vienna has been making handmade Strings Since 1919.

Precision steel strings with a solid core for Cello set 102
With their solid core, these steel strings are strident in tone and feel, lending the sound brilliance and enhancing the player's confidence on the instrument. Precision are by no means a new invention and are based on the original ideology of Dr. Thomastik and Otto Infeld. They have been produced in consistent quality since 1920, constantly being updated to incorporate the latest technical findings and our wealth of musical experience. Precision strings are ideal for students, ensemble players and folk musicians. This standard model has remained popular to this day, not only because of its price range but its long playing life.

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