Pirastro Tonica New Formula 2008 Violin Strings Set

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Pirastro Tonica Violin Strings Set
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  • special synthetic core made of finest, most flexible single filaments
  • high quality winding materials
  • latest manufacturing technique
  • strict quality control
  • great dependability
  • full and powerful volume 
  • lively, open and direct tone
  • high degree of modulation
  • clear and balanced timbre, rich in overtones, without metallic harshness
  • extremely quick response
  • less side noises
  • sensitive left hand feeling
  • stays in tune immediately
  • resistant to great changes in humidity
  • all strings are tuned for optimal set harmony
  • gauge "weich": lower tension, brighter sound, low bow pressure
  • gauge "stark": higher tension, powerful dark sound, more bow pressure
  • sets with Silvery Steel E string and silver D string
  • E-string also available in steel/aluminum
  • D-string also available in aluminum: very warm and soft sound
  • four sizes: 4/4, 3/4-1/2, 1/4-1/8, 1/16-1/32
  • three gauges weich,mittel, stark: excellent possibility of combining strings to find your optimal violin set
  • straight or in envelopes (sets also)
  • PIRASTRO®-TONICA colour code at the tailpiece end: English-red spiral on white

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