Pirastro Piranito Viola Strings Set

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Pirastro Piranito Viola Strings
Part Number: PIR625000

 Pirastro Piranito Viola Strings 

Pirastro Piranito Viola Set, 14 inch - Medium gauge. Chromesteel wound on steel core. Perfect for beginning players; offers fine sound and playability.


A perfect choice for the school music program on a budget, Piranito offers Pirastro quality strings at a very low price. Steel core with chromesteel winding.


We fit Pirastro Piranito strings as standard to our smaller size rental violins, as they tend to be louder than synthetic or gut strings (smaller size violins are generally much quieter, and fitting metal strings helps to compensate for this). A low budget option for full size instruments, although they produce quite a harsh sound compared to gut or synthetic strings.



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