Pirastro Obligato Double Bass String Set Orchestra Tuning

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Pirastro Obligato Double Bass String
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Pirastro Obligato Bass String Set


Obligato is the best synthetic core string in the Pirastro family and is among the best in the world. The strings are produced with the highest quality winding and perlon core. Obligato strings deliver the same superior warmth and brilliance as the best gut strings while providing resistnace to temperature and humidity fluctuation unfounded in gut strings.Tonal quality is completely unsupassed by any other perlon string. Obligato strings are base on an exclusive new core material, along with advances in manufacturing techniques, resulting in the true warmth and complex overtones of gut core core strings with with the stability and quick response of synthetic core strings. Obligato has also demonstrated quick break in time, exceptional projection, and unusual durability.


Pirastro Obligato Double Bass String Set, 3/4 size, Orchestra Tuning Synthetic core.Warm, brilliant, clear and focused sound. Powerful tonal volume, yet flawless character throughout all dynamic ranges. Orchestral tuning.

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