NEW Germany Pirastro Perpetual Cello Strings Set 4/4 Violoncello

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  • Pirastro's most powerful cello string 
  • minimal playing-in time 
  • great dynamic range enhancing the unique natural qualities of each cello

A-string: The tone is clear for the first few minutes, then gently settles into a full, round, and lush dark timbre. A string that truly touches with its warm mellow tone. 

D-string: A »strong« string with incredible depth and volume. Full of body and abundant power; always warm and strong. Delightfully easy to play. 

G-string: A string that wants to be tamed, inspiring the cellist and giving the entire set a more brilliant and a tempestuous sound. A focussed tone with a colourful spectre and warm undertone. 

C-string: Sonorous and deep, yet direct and clear. Very large volume. Even with the smallest of bow movements you can still hear the keynote. Long sustaining power and impressively precise sound.

The sound of the Perpetual Medium set is crystal clear and precise, powerful and grand. Each string responds easily and directly. This is especially impressive with the G- and C-strings which respond immediate to the lightest bow techniques. 

The Perpetual Soloist set: For even more power and dynamics we offer the G- and C-strings in a Soloist version. In combination with the Medium A- and D-strings the sound gains radiance, brilliance, volume and presence. The ideal combination of brilliant fundamentals and soloist directness.

Medium: A- and D-steel/chrome steel medium, G- and C-rope core/tungsten medium  

Soloist: A- and D-steel/chrome steel medium, G- and C-rope core/tungsten Soloist

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