Germany Laubach Gold Violin Viola Cello Rosin

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Our first-class gold rosin for violin and viola with fine 999° gold powder produces a very good grip and a warm, soft and clear sound without disruptive background noises, it brings increased resonance during the playing. It is used economically and it is immune to changes in humidity and temperature.


Our Gold Rosin premium class is made by hand in small quantities in the family workshop in Bavaria, Germany. For the production of exclusive rosin which is being cast entirely by hand, we only use the highest quality natural ingredients.


Gold particles embedded in the rosin provide excellent grip on the string with low dust and maximum tone quality. The Laubach Gold Rosin enhances the response and the feedback of the instrument during virtuoso performance.


Our Best gold rosin is optimized for these synthetic strings: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Evah Pirazzi Gold und Thomastik Dominant. It supports the tone quality, the carrying capacity and the excellent response in an ideal way. Immediately after applying, the rosin gives the bow a  feel pleasantly 'silky smooth' effect on the strings.

For best results, we recommend an economical application. 

Laubach Gold Rosin is primarily used by professionals and well known musicians. Our gold rosin comes in a golden premium strong cardboard box  with a magnetic lid.

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