France SAVAREZ Cristal Guitar Strings Acoustic Classical 540CJ / High Tension

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  Diameters Tension
  mm inches Kg Pounds
Mi-E-1 0,750 0,295 8,96 19,71
Si-B-2 0,850 0,335 6,44 14,17
Sol-G-3 1,050 0,413 6,19 13,62
Ré-D-4 0,760 0,299 8,27 18,19
La-A-5 0,910 0,358 7,62 16,76
Mi-E-6 1,120 0,441 7,27 15,99
NEW CRISTAL Clear nylon trebles

HT CLASSIC nylon wound basses


Beautiful sound of "high-tech" nylon
Purity and brightness of crystal
Easy response
Perfect tuning
"New Cristal" so called because they are conceived with a type of nylon optimized with the latest production technologies.

Bright and transparent, they have the advantages of unrectified strings: feel, playability, sound quality.

Theprecision of the physical and chemical treatments applied to the lengthening and the amount of crystallinity in the string give it a beautiful sound and perfect tuning.

These cutting edge technologies allow a perfectly constant diameter and a very accurate adjustment of the tension of each string.


Ideal response for speed
Rich and bright timbre
Big projection
A more percussive sound
Volume and power.
Research into string rigidity led to the more rigid HT Classic basses.

HT Classic strings were the first fruit of Savarez's new winding technology, and give a particularly bright and percussive sound with good resistance under fingers 

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