France SAVAREZ Corum Guitar Strings Acoustic Classical 500ARJ / High Tension

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500AR, 500AJ, 500ARJ sets are made up of:

  • - KF ALLIANCE plain composite trebles monofilament (so called carbon strings),
  • - CORUM stabilon multifilament (specifically treated nylon) wound basses with rust protected silver plated metal

The 500ARH set is made up of:

  • KF ALLIANCE plain composite trebles monofilament,
  • CORUM wound polished basses offering a flat surface.

The 500RH3 is only made up of 3 polished basses (CORUM wound).

This set is meant for guitarists who do not need to change their trebles strings or who play New Cristal trebles.

The basses are the same than those included in the 500ARH set.

The ALLIANCE range sets are also made up of KF ALLIANCE trebles (they are coupled with HT CLASSIC wound basses).

The CORUM basses offers a perfect balance coupled with the KF ALLIANCE trebles, exclusive to Savarez.
The NEW CRISTAL/CORUM range sets are also made up of CORUM basses (they are coupled with NEW CRISTAL trebles).

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