France SAVAREZ CORUM Guitar Strings Acoustic Classical 500CRJ

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Description COMPOSITION DES CORDES The sets 500CR, 500CJ, 500CRJ are made of: - NEW CRISTAL trebles - and CORUM wound basses The set CORUM PR is made of: - rectified nylon trebles (with NEW CRISTAL quality) - and CORUM wound basses The CORUM basses make up also the sets of the NEW CRISTAL/CORUM range. They have been associated to NEW CRISTAL trebles. 1 - New Cristal trebles They are produced from a new improved nylon: the amount of crystallinity of the string is optimized and there is a perfect link between the molecu. Thanks to high-tech methods, we can produce a top quality clear nylon string, as transparent as crystal whose intonation is perfectly true. This nylon is not rectified by mechanical way in order to keep a smooth surface on it. A surface treatment and a control driven by a comuputer using laser beam and photoelectric cells permit a real precision and regularity of the gauge. This new nylon is a great success and a real improvement in clarity of sound. For these reasons we now use it for all the Savarez sets which contain nylon trebles. Specifications: Elongation and the amount of crystallinity of the string are increased that gives a very clear, clean and concentrated sound. 2 - Corum wound basses The silver plated wound basses are considered as a second revolution in the guitar ‘s world (after the first revolution brought by KF Alliance composite treb). Our technological discoveries have permitted to offer to these basses the only flexibility like it in the world with fast answer. Their conception has been based on the reduction of internal rubbings: the string is vibrating very little, sound is extended and sound level is increased! Specifications: - Flexibility - Speed of the answer – comparable to the speed of the high tension string - Rich, direct and precise sound - Brightness - Increase of the last and sound volume - Playing ease - Increased possibility of sound modulation (expressiveness) The CORUM basses make up also the sets of the ALLIANCE/CORUM range in which they have been associated to KF Alliance trebin composite – Savarez exclusivity) 3 - Tensions NEW CRISTAL/CORUM set is existing in normal tension, high tension (500CR, 500CJ) and mixed Red/Blue tension in the 500CRJ set (trebare in normal tension (red) and basses are in high tension (blue). Red/Blue 500CR set came on the market in 2000. Savarez is the first maker which proposes a such set and brings an answer to the insistent demand of the guitarists. It achieves a great success. An another Red/Blue set, with mixed normal and high tensions, is existing in the ALLIANCE/CORUM range (ref. 500ARJ): trebare made with KF ALLIANCE and basses are also wound CORUM.. CORUM PR set is existing only in normal tension. 4 - Specificity of the Corum PR Set Unlike the other sets of the range trebstrings are in NEW CRISTAL polished nylon. They are perfectly round thanks to a precise rectification made with a centerless machine. This set has been proposed to satisfy the guitarist who is searching the same touch as with rectified strings. They permit to the unwavering guitarists of the rectified strings to play them with CORUM wound basses.

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