Corelli Double Bass/Contrebasse 370M Strings Set

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Corelli Double Bass 370M
Part Number: 370M

Corelli Double Bass 370M  String


Corelli Crystal strings are wound on a unique stabilon core, a synthetic material that offers a rich, warm sound with immediate playability. These strings can be mixed with steel, gut or synthetic strings; an advantage which adds many possibilities for balancing the sound of an instrument. 

The 370 Series bass strings are made of tungsten steel, a very strong, supple, lightweight material known for its high tensile strength in very narrow gauges. The 370 Series come in three gauges: 370Medium is the lightest gauge, and is great for acrobatic solo work, or for very lightly constructed instruments which are overstressed by heavier strings. 370 Medium bass strings are also available in fractional sizes. In orchestra tuning G-D-A-E.


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