Cherub Mute Drum Tutor DP-950 9 Preset Drum Styles/4 Training modes/Metronome

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Cherub Mute Drum Tutor DP-950
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Color: All color are as same as picture 

Condition: 100% New and never used


Mute Drum Tutor---DP-950 Orange Color

*Large beating Area

*9 Preset Drum styles

*4 Training modes

*Loud Metronome Sound

*Novel Appearance


Metronome Function

*Beat adjustable 0-6

*Tempo adjustable 30-260

*Metronome tone adjustable 


The Drum Strike Count Function

*Provide adjustable time for counting drum sticks

(15, 30, 60, 90 seconds)

*Drum machine rhythm function.


9 Preset Drum styles 

*DISCO                 *HARDROCK           *HIPHOP


*CHA CHA            *POP                         *FUNK


Size: about 277 x 216 x 24 mm

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